Saltwater Custom Cascade S "Whiteout" Helmet (with team Headwrapz)

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**This helmet is being offered to the Saltwater families at a deep discount.  This helmet, customized with the white facemask, is $319.99 at Lacrosse Unlimited and other online retailers.  Let alone adding the custom Saltwater decals provided by HeadWrapz.  This is a $65 total savings


New for the 2018 season the Cascade S Helmet is the next generation of the best lacrosse helmets of all time. The Cascade S Helmet features upgrades to protection, comfort, and vision. Customize the Cascade S helmet with your team's colors. 


  • Features the Cascade Tri-Liner protective technology to address a wide array of impacts
  • Gen4 EPP - designed to protect against variable force impacts specifically towards the front of the helmet and facemask
  • NV3 - precision molded impace foam provides maximum protection towards the crown of the head
  • SEVEN - specifically engineered and placed in key impact zones to compress on impact and displace impact energy laterally away from a players head
  • Supermono S Shell creats a perfectly balanced one piece design with rigid construction to manage frontal impacts.
  • S-series jaw reinforces and stiffens lower chin piece with dual-material for added protection
  • Vision bar utilizes Cascade's PowerPress technology to narrow wire diameter and improve sight while increasing visibility 
  • Balance Point Technoloy moves the center of gravity to the middle crown in order to keep helmet weight balanced and aligned 
  • The HardTail SPRfit has been combined with three customizable jaw pads, so the player can feel a 360 degree contoured fit the can be micro-adjusted on the fly
  • XFLO offers the best-in-class ventilation by allowing cool air to flow through the helmet and out the rear exhaust doubling breathability